Sparking Ingenuity in Every Festivity.


About Al Wathb

Greetings from Al Wathb, the top location in Saudi Arabia for premium fireworks that are redefining celebration. Al Wathb was founded with a passion for crafting lifelong memories. We are dedicated to enhancing your occasions with the majesty and enchantment of our finest fireworks.

Our Goal: Creating Memorable Experiences

Our commitment to enhancing your festivities by giving you access to exceptional fireworks that enthrall and motivate lies at the core of what we do. We recognize the importance of life’s unique moments and want to make sure that each one is transformed into a treasured memory full of wonder, brightness, and color.

Superior Caliber, Unrivaled Variety

Al Wathb is unique because of our steadfast dedication to excellence. We find and select a wide variety of fireworks, each expertly and precisely made. Our assortment, which includes anything from colorful sparklers to breathtaking aerial displays, is made to meet the specific tastes of our customers and make every celebration as distinctive as the people it commemorates.

At the Heart: Customer Satisfaction

Every action we take has our customers at its core. From selection to delivery, we take pleasure in offering a smooth and enjoyable experience. Al Wathb is here to surpass your expectations and provide a little magic to your celebrations, whether you are planning a large event or a little get-together.

Accountability for the Environment

In addition, we understand that we are stewards of the environment when it comes to celebrating. Al Wathb is dedicated to locating and endorsing fireworks that follow stringent environmental guidelines. Because of our commitment to environmentally friendly methods, you may enjoy the sparkle of our fireworks with the least amount of negative effects on the environment.

Accompany Us in Bringing Light to Your Festivities

Allow us to work with you to create memories that will stick in the minds and hearts of everyone who attends. Explore our amazing selection, and let the sparkle of Al Wathb fireworks add a memorable touch to your celebrations on every occasion.