Light Up Your Events with a Variety of Fireworks from Al Wathb.

What we offer

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Airborne Displays: Boost Your Cityscape

Our amazing aerial displays will dazzle your audience with their ability to create a kaleidoscope of colors in the night sky. Whether it’s a wedding, business function, or a countrywide celebration, your visitors will be deeply affected by our carefully chosen aerial displays.

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Customized Fireworks Packages: Designed to Fit Your Event

At Al Wathb, we recognize the individuality of every occasion. You can tailor your show to your theme, color palette, and personal tastes with our Bespoke Firework Packages. Allow us to create a fireworks display that embodies the spirit of your party.

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Dazzling Sparklers: Including a Little Magic

Our Sparkling Sparklers add the ideal touch of charm to smaller parties or those memorable moments at a larger event. Enjoy the warm and entrancing aura these portable marvels can create for weddings, birthdays, or special occasions.

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Consultation and Planning for Events: Your Idea, Our Experience

With our Event Consultation and Planning service, you can start your celebration journey without stress. Our skilled staff carefully collaborates with you to fully grasp your idea, making sure that every last aspect is well thought out. We’ve got your celebration covered, from obtaining the required licenses to planning the ideal time for your fireworks.

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